Powercon Radio Link

There are often occasions when it is necessary to have a digital input from one remote device to another remote device. Often to run a cable between the two devices is not cost effective. Solutions are also available that utilise the GSM or ‘cell phone’ bandwidth, but these rely heavily on the availability of GSM signal strength, as well as GSM network traffic at the time.

Power Contractors has installed many solutions to send these signals remotely via Radio Frequency. The applications are very cost effective, reliable and are supported locally.

Here are a few typical systems we have implemented in the last year:

• Remote Pump control systems.

• Remote Generator Alarms sent to Security Control Room.

• Inverter Run inhibit signals sent to Solar Panel and Generator Installations.

• Mains Fail signals sent to Building Lift control panels.

• Remote Energy Monitoring solutions.

• Remote Load Shed systems which shed loads intelligently during peak tariff times

• Remote Generator Start Signals sent from Remote Automatic Transfer Switches

All systems are engineered to provide the most effective solution for any remote Radio Link configuration.